America: Did Jesus Appoint Us God's Rightful Business Manager of the Free World?

For Elvis, our third world corporate manager & engineer of the giddy sneer bottom line.

Fuck you O Elvis O Rockabilly Savior Of the Thirdworld Mulitnational Management Exploration Company.

Fuck you O Elvis O gold-sequined executor of the global will of brown people rotund and square.

Fuck you O Elvis of the elevated prehensile anus flap and pelvis redneck roll get your ass out of my pocket.

Fuck you O Elvis of the gastrointestinal sublimation of Seconal and Quaalude heehaw rocketry luminescence.

Fuck you O Elvis of the eyelid stupor and glazed ham couture.

Fuck You O Elvis your colonial coerscion smells and your fecal bombs dispel.

Fuck you O Elvis you cannot compel me with your foetid spongiform cranial cruising glare.

Fuck you O Elvis your cloudy pool is airless; the fish float on the surface with marble grin rotated sideways.

Fuck you O Elvis your rotted Picasso-sloughed corpse you had no taste for voluminous fervor you absented toiling clam sham and skinny tie flim-flam spam man don't pardon me mam.

Fuck you O Elvis you are the icon of my gilded excoriation.

Fuck you O Elvis fuck you I'll take John Lennon any day.

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