Shoot me. Shoot me.
Take me downtown to an armored car and shoot.
Shoot me.
Turn me into an armored doll.
Fill my holes with wounds and wonder
and wrap me in historic brocade and words adhesive words
You say there's no time to wait so shoot me fill me up
turn me into an armored doll
and shoot shoot shoot

leaching gasoline

What I occupy is this
this armored doll
Figure 1A Note the spines and branches dense brush of figure and ground,
shadow and light and their invisible intersections.
X is a helium cavity inside a titanium alloy shell
refills shipped in a truck born in a mother tank.
I am X, blast proof and ready to protect my will
to murder that which is not me
which is not which is not nothing which is and therefore threatens
encrusted in brilliant subdivisions of silicon I am
this armor is distant the outer reaches of space
extensions of weightless nothings
where chalk goes when wiped from the slate
whispers forgotten in the moment you ask me
you ask me am I alright?

I am empty, television and American,
and arming you with taxes and contagious states of panic
See Figure 2: a purulent poetics
My eye loves a spectacle
My I is a debacle
See Figure 3.

Withdrawal compounds the darkest of light
bullets and drugs shortcuts to the future
and the future has stopped here in a blue pill
that is killing me so that I may live.
A value for this X. See figure 4.

this is nothing I abstract myself
on the edge of drugs that keep me alive and make me dead
a litany of bodily decay ejecting photons from past excitements and insults
a swollen finger, blinding headache, an immune system turning on itself

all rendering me into a pox on void
that insists on itself and its progeny
confirming I am nothing
Prince Gauthama extends his empire.
See Table 1 for a list of assets.

This little girl she is me and she is shining
Beauty is flesh and spirit in the lungs
delicate pink lobes of a fledgling will.
It doesn't figure.

radiating time spinning the spinning the
movements slowly leaking radians decay
shouts of brilliant lights

don't shoot me i'm already leaking
See page 137 for details
i'm just in need of some wishful thinking

Better read than dead
If not read, then I'm dead

Shoot me. Shoot me.
Take me downtown to an armored car and shoot.
Shoot me.
Turn me into an armored doll.
Fill my holes with wounds and wonder
and wrap me in historic brocade and words adhesive words
You say there's no time to wait so shoot me fill me up
turn me into an armored doll
and shoot shoot shoot

Better read than dead
If not read, then I'm dead

leaching gasoline

repeat for order


Dear Iraqis,

The war in Iraq is an American tragedy. While you lament yoru hundrets of thousends of dead non-combatants, we in America have lost nearly one thousand of oru boys in uniformes. Will you pleese send oru boys home safley? They din't all like making snuff flims. We have some prisins here we need to run. It's just not fair to us that you get to have oru finest. You all look like radical Shite clerics, so I guess you get what you deserve and you just have to pay the price for freedom and get Jesus. By manipulating the cords, the mouths and eyes of the dummy are opened and shut. Shut yoru mouth. George Washingtin paid the price: he paid for the cinstructon of six warships. How many people deid building those boats? We din't lament those deaths to al-Jazera, do we? Heck, at least oru news enjoys the soft binds of libertey and freedim. March, freedim! Maybe some of yorus need to dei before you find the light, leave yoru imams behind, and find oru policeis reasinable. I think I want to beat you to death with my bare hands for killing oru boys. I made $165,000 last year; $50,000 of that went to the Federal Government in taxes. $25,000 of that went straight to oru military-industrial complex and planes to brake yoru windowsz. So I din't want that loot spent in you killing oru boys and spreading Iranian and North Korean terrism. I pay taxes here, they're my goddamn bullets, you peice of shit. Maybe you should send them back! One of you fuckrs owes me 25 large and how many barrels of oil is that? What the fuck else would I want with all that goddamn sand? I was a human crash-test dummy, and naked World Satan makes me veiw web porn. My sin he done raped a wouded young boy in Fallujah, but he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and just needs a little bit of home cooking. A year after Internet porn surfing I was a human crash-test dummy and drove the kids to practice. So if you want to protest sleaze in politics, drop yoru pants for oru boys. Where are yoru whores? For glory gorey guns make people less violent. Send the boys back home. Or else I have more tax dollars. George Bush has a very large penis. I saw it in church on the right hand of God. Booyah. American tragedy.


I dream of world where I can stand before you all with my deep faith and sincerity, with my glistening, erect nipples quaking with hope, with my ever- humble, ever-flattering cries of fabulous, fabulous peace.

Did I mention that God was fabulous?


Speaking to Your Asshole (Because Your Asshole Was Speaking)

Poetry wants to have talk with you

It wants to know

Why there’s chalk dust on your collar

It wants to know

Who you’ve been having ‘discourse’ with

When you go out writing

Before I said bow down

What I meant was bend over

Poetry wants to have a talk with you

Come now

Bend over poetry’s knee

This is going to hurt you

More than it hurts me


i didn't read this.
i make a statement not a picture.

i am demonstrative.
i am hidden.
i made a statement with a picture.
i won't read this.

i find it impossible to start.
i go on and on.
will i live with my hide.
will i give up my beliefs to keep it.

bury me. will you bury me?
this is a question.

i can't read any of this.
this is a picture of a statement.


WISH YOU WERE HERE Posted by Hello
Cab Calloways of the Soul has been cancelled. Instead we will be showing a brief clip of Fred Astaire tap dancing on the ashes of Artaud followed by a re-run of Lester, Warrior Puppet.

Thank you for supporting Lester's Flogspot. Visit us for your daily Flog.


Lester, Warrior Puppet

so loved
this sinful whirl,
He gave us all His
pun; that we don't want to live with
Him one day. The time was short for Lester Oracle in which He

politics and
fools, his teachings
spread throughout the land. His
miracles saved us all, and showed Lester’s love
for ham. He rose from death, as He had said. His word was

Fed came
that fateful day,
the phone book don't tell
us, no. Now, modern times are hard on
some of us and cause us all to need the love of Lester.

Lester’s love
we handle puppets
and how to use string
for manipulation is just another way Lester sees
fit to use our misfortunes. Come to cloud these modern times we live.

not fear
what Lester has
wraught. We need not know
His plan. Just think the words He’d make
you say before you’ve breathed a word. But Lester forgave our debt today.

love you’ve
ever known is
not just a death away.
So what can you do in the case like that?
What can you do but sit on your hat,
Or your toothbrush,
Or your grandmother,
Or anything else that's helpless.

- Burl Ives, "The Whale"



Dearest poets, kindly compatriots all
This one is for you.

Yes you're the one.

Murder your manners
You uppity rung grippers.

Fucking them's too kind.

Begins with you only you


la défense arrière!
âne vulnérable!


Oder hintere schutz, oder verletzbarer esel,
ungeschützter esel, ungeheures ungeziefer
mit gefährlich senf. Und ein Ottakringer (ja?)
ist das bier, ist identität für, jeden Wiener.



Pataphysical Keatsian:
                        negativa with a twist.

Mephistophelean congeries:
                        the Marlowe Faustus phantasmagoric.

Keats' Faustian Fanny morality:
                        a Keatsian veil.

A way to locate a style of annihilation:
                        contending forces of self-possession.


Fuck Myself (I lands in my stream)

! ... marvel not... making sense... uncanny... and now astonishing... 'cause new mutants is now new and... new is... I don't know... and ... so nothing to do with ... and... I just don't know why... why? some numbers the same and some starting over and... so... unneccesary... and.... and....


*pee myself*...

...nooooooooooooo.... *sob quietly* *cover myself in a pile of titles and fall asleep in a puddle of my own urine*

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

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[old, cancelled popular title Y]
[book Z]
[book Z]
[old, cancelled popular title Y]
[book Z]

arbitrarily restart the numbering system
for a random assortment of books!
we'll make oodles and oodles of money
bringing collectable prints back in style
and make more holofoil versions of books
even if it's filler no one reads!

making so much money bringing characters back to life
stifle all creativity and originality in our stream

being the toast of the town
siblings in a love scene
our editors are too stupid
outraged comic readers

anti-incest groups burn our company to the ground

rip my arms out of my sockets and beat me to death with them

pissing on my rotting corpse

hideous disproportionate ugly

brooding shadow-stalker who talks screaming "grrrr i'm edgy" and then I'll realize what I've done with my life and kill myself
dedicated to bipedal dolphins having sex with garbage cans and the moon will actually be the afterbirth and little gobs of flesh with fall to earth every so often and I will try to have sex with it but get cancer instead and cure it with magic and the whole fucking world will explode because it was really all just the little sick puppet's dream but I'll look in my closet and I will still be fucking sloughed off uterine wall and WAS IT ALL A DREAM I DONT FUCKING KNOW HOLY GOD DAMN SHIT YOU MANIACS I BLEW IT UP YOU GOD DAMN ME ALL TO HELL MOTHERFUCKERS FUCK ME




Bow down, gentle eaters. I am your new Lester! Today is my today is. Today I am the age of Jesus. In the age of Jesus I command you. Eat me. I am your host. Tonight our special guests are. Mr. Christopher Walken, an old song-and-dance man, like lyself. Like me. Like Me! I'll be your host tonight. One night you will eat me. Remember. Oh, sway on. WE SWAY. Gentle eaters. Eat out your. Read out this, your annibal hearts. We are tough and strong-LIKE FIREFIGHTERS. People who know, know (in jest-guess.) Animal know-how. Hearts in marts. Animals, we walk on burning bananas. Please post your comment hear. RE- MARK. Me scar. Alive, alive O. (We wish!)Remark on me, eaters. At attention. This text DEMANDS your attention. Deep. metered attention, and counting all the feet. NOW. More feet than buddha walking on eleven stilts in the green and yella circus. Didn't you know that Lester was a Buddhist? Of course, eaters. Per course. Per semester. Per molester. Per Lester. Purr, Lester. Purr. Please pay. What was that? A Re-Mark? Wouldn't you wish? Remarks are not literature which is a remark and so piss off. Well. (You wish!)


As it develops, this ethic will become a kind of insult. It will persuade only those who are able to abandon themselves to a greater force, and those who love more than admire. It will accumulate neither subscribers nor admirers. It will only make friends.

You said it Omar. That's pretty much our whole thing.


Cat bats
rats in crack hats
bart brats batting lashes
Splat (at that)
beaming broken-bluffs
forget it finally at friendly's-a bat's cat at

flaunched fanged fucker
forget what's forgot it
florid green gropes
go grope your wishy book
squishy candy donged

"I used to think it was all about hitting, but now I know it's more about fielding."
-Lester )racle, 1863

(please, note,
this program is for parents,
not for children)

We all think you just                                know
So don't be an ostrich

awareness reviews the signs
our red flags                                        can indicate
your child could be using
our drugs

share your experience
go over
three tablets of para
(thank you officer)

everyday items used in the home

                                 (used for drug use using
                                     users drug usage drugs)

drugs look like the child
and the parent usurps
the little baby jesus

snuggle bear

We all think you might                             know
our child uses
huffs of gas crouching
cracking nitrous booting shooting
When the stars come together
homeless and broken education
join us and won't you slurp some

                            (don’t stick your head in the


Rotten tooth, gum crowbar

We all think you know

We are followed by a question
Answer the parent officer

Sign that the child is using
burps out a window
damn those stages of drug use
Cans tumble down the street


and relapse drugs

tell them can means do
a can-do doer doing
can-do in the can
sell 'em in a can
sand in the head

drugs are not using do
    you use what I do
         mon dieu!
             mind you

a sprinkle of forms and sources
because their effects are illegal


three tablets of drug para
(thank you officer)

this cross                                        

                                            hold it up please

                                             thank you lord
                                                   got 'em!
                                      (trigger finger pull me)

we give you thanks for wonder bread

snuggle bear master nation

a moment of silence every day before school
Head slams the concrete beside the pool

And I am free, I am free tell me I am free

and using

household items can be used
and used again
and your child ask
how your drugs are hidden

(household item in the ostrich)

what to a fix to sticks the blame where I sticks?
What to affix to stick the blame where eyes tick?
We're selling bloodied crosses

Ever seen an ostrich that can fly

snuggle bear


In this Privacy Policy, “Customer” means a person Who activates his or her Membercard in CCUS, “Consumer” means a person Who does not, and “You” and “Your” mean both a customer or a consumer except as indicated Below.