i didn't read this.
i make a statement not a picture.

i am demonstrative.
i am hidden.
i made a statement with a picture.
i won't read this.

i find it impossible to start.
i go on and on.
will i live with my hide.
will i give up my beliefs to keep it.

bury me. will you bury me?
this is a question.

i can't read any of this.
this is a picture of a statement.


WISH YOU WERE HERE Posted by Hello
Cab Calloways of the Soul has been cancelled. Instead we will be showing a brief clip of Fred Astaire tap dancing on the ashes of Artaud followed by a re-run of Lester, Warrior Puppet.

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Lester, Warrior Puppet

so loved
this sinful whirl,
He gave us all His
pun; that we don't want to live with
Him one day. The time was short for Lester Oracle in which He

politics and
fools, his teachings
spread throughout the land. His
miracles saved us all, and showed Lester’s love
for ham. He rose from death, as He had said. His word was

Fed came
that fateful day,
the phone book don't tell
us, no. Now, modern times are hard on
some of us and cause us all to need the love of Lester.

Lester’s love
we handle puppets
and how to use string
for manipulation is just another way Lester sees
fit to use our misfortunes. Come to cloud these modern times we live.

not fear
what Lester has
wraught. We need not know
His plan. Just think the words He’d make
you say before you’ve breathed a word. But Lester forgave our debt today.

love you’ve
ever known is
not just a death away.
So what can you do in the case like that?
What can you do but sit on your hat,
Or your toothbrush,
Or your grandmother,
Or anything else that's helpless.

- Burl Ives, "The Whale"