1988: Prior to this year, George Bush Jr. is a failed oil man. Three times
friends and investors have bailed him out to keep him from going bankrupt.
But in this year, the same year his father becomes President, some Saudis
buy a portion of his small company, Harken, which has never worked outside
of Texas. Later in the year, Harken wins a contract in the Persian Gulf and
starts doing well financially. These transactions seem so suspicious that
even the Wall Street Journal in 1991 states it "raises the question of ...
an effort to cozy up to a presidential son." Two major investors into Bush's
company during this time are Salem bin Laden, Osama bin Laden's father, and
Khaled bin Mahfouz. [Salon, 11/19/01, Intelligence Newsletter, 3/2/00]
Khaled bin Mahfouz is a Saudi banker with a 20% stake in BCCI, a bank that
will go bankrupt a few years later in the biggest corruption scandal in
banking history (see July 5, 1991). In 1999 Mahfouz will be placed under
house arrest in Saudi Arabia for contributions he gave to welfare
organizations closely linked to bin Laden. [Boston Herald, 12/11/01] The
sister of Mahfouz is married to Osama bin Laden. [Washington Post, 2/17/02]

June 4, 1992: It is reported that the FBI is investigating the connections
between James Bath and George Bush Jr. Bath is Salem bin Laden's official
representative in the US. "Documents indicate that the Saudis were using
Bath and their huge financial resources to influence US policy," since Bush
Jr.'s father is president. Bush denies any connections to Saudi money. What
became of this investigation is unclear. [Houston Chronicle, 6/4/92]

April, 1999: A Saudi government audit shows that five of Saudi Arabia's
billionaires have been giving tens of millions of dollars to al-Qaeda. The
audit shows that these businessmen transferred money from the National
Commercial Bank to accounts of Islamic charities in London and New York
banks that serve as fronts for bin Laden. $3 million was diverted from a
Saudi pension fund. The only action taken is that Khalid bin Mahfouz,
founder of National Commercial Bank, Saudi Arabia's biggest bank, is placed
under house arrest. Bin Mahfouz had invested in George Bush Jr.'s businesses
starting in 1989. The US has not frozen the accounts of bin Mahfouz, and he
continues to engage in major oil deals with US corporations. [USA Today,
10/29/99, Boston Herald, 12/10/01]

January 21, 2001: George Bush Jr. is inaugurated as the 43rd US President,
replacing Clinton. The only major figure to permanently remain in office is
CIA Director Tenet, appointed in 1997 and reputedly a long time friend of
Bush Sr. FBI Director Louis Freeh stays on a few more months, until June
2001. Numerous figures in Bush's administration are directly connected to
the oil industry. Over 50 of Bush's new staff are later shown to have worked
for Enron. [Salon, 11/30/01]

from http://www.itszone.co.uk/George-W-Bush.htm

Personal Note:
bin Mafouz denies virtually every claim made about him, and does so on his
own web site, with a special FAQ page. However, given his diminished
credibility ( two big factorsL 1) his association with BCCI and 2) his
desperate need as a businessman to restore confidence) I wouldn't believe a
word he says.

Osama bin Laden's older brother, Salem bin Laden, heir to the Binladen
Group, and his father, Muhammed, both died in suspicious small craft plane
accidents over Texas. Muhammad in 1968, over Prez Bush I's oil fields, and
Salem, 20 years later, in Texas as well, taking off from a Bush-owned

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