21 Unanswered Questions

1. Why was Osama bin Laden allowed to leave the American Hospital in Dubai
after meeting with CIA station chief Larry Mitchell from 4-14th July 2001?

2. Given the Bush family's close ties to the Bin Laden family is there a
conflict of interest at play here which may have influenced President GW
Bush to limit or kill any investigation?

3. Is ex-President GHW Bush's advisory role in the private defense
contractor Carlyle Group and close business ties with the Bin Laden family
endangering American lives ?

4. Why were FBI investigations during 2000-2001 into Al-Quaeda, their
funding, and terrorism all blocked and shut down by the FBI? Why did
Clinton shut down FBI investigations into the connection between the
Binladen family and a known Terrorist organization?

5. Why did NORAD fail to respond to three hijackings despite all means
available to them to respond to such emergencies (e.g., scambling fighter
jets to make visual contact with the hjacked planes) along with a previously
impeccable record of rapid response? Why has NORAD lied about Langley AF
jets responding instead of the ones at Andrews AFB?

6. Why was ex-President GHW Bush in the White House with Dick Cheney and
Condoleeza Rice during the attacks?

7. GW Bush claimed to have seen the first plane hit the tower when he could
not have; Pentagon officials cancelled travel plans on 9/10; White House
officials took Cipro before anthrax attacks on Democrats and media; FEMA
groups were transferred to NYC on 9/10. All these point to prior knowledge
by the Bush administration. Why is no one reporting these facts?

8. Why is the SEC withholding information it has concerning the identity of
the purchasers of unusually large volumes of put options on American and
United Airlines stocks (and other companies located in WTC)? It is reported
that the profits made on these options could run well into the hundreds of
millions. Better yet why has there been no demand from Congressional leaders
for the release of this information?

9. If Bush knew nothing about this in advance, as he says, (the FBI screwed
up and lost all that important information in a bureaucratic swamp), then
how did they figure out within a few hours that Bin Laden did it from the
caves in Pakistan?

10. Why is it that since one engine from our plane crashing in Pennsylvania
was found 10 miles preceeding the crash site, an exact configuration that a
heat seeking missle would cause, is there no investigation into the
likelihood this plane was shot down?

11. Why did Congress pass the suspiciously ready-to-roll US Patriot Act
without even reading it?

12. Why is the CIA continuing to finance Al-Qaeda-style paramilitaries in
Columbia, Indonesia, Afganistan, etc.?

13. What has happened to press coverage of the Anthrax episode, and why
does the FBI investigation of Don Wileys death differ from that of the
Memphis police?

14. Why has no one questioned the statement that a novice pilot hit the
pentagon? A casual view from the Navy Annex, overlooking the Pentagon on the
Arlington side, shows clearly that expert skills are required to first fly
into a small valley, then level out approximately 30-50 feet above ground
level. Few "expert" pilots could do this.

15. Did a boeing really crash into the Pentagon or was it a truck packed
with explosives like the first AP reports said?

16. Was Flight 93 shot down by fighter jets? If the plane was brought down
solely by the heroes on board, why did a passenger making a call from the
plane (while still in the air) report that he had heard an explosion?

17. Of the companies and individuals who are involved in the brokering,
financing, contstruction and use of the Trans-Afgani Unocal pipeline, which
were party to secret US Energy Policy mettings with Vice-President Dick

18. Why has the US backed the former Unocal employee Hamid Karzai as
President of the new Afghani government?

19. How much money does Dick Cheney (as major shareholder in Halliburton)
stand to make from the completion of a trans- Afghani oil pipeline, made
possible by the ouster of the Taliban? How much does the Bush financial
empire (including the Carlyle Group) stand to gain from the vast public
expenditures brought about by the "National Security Crisis" of 9/11?

20. Given the absence of any DNA evidence, and the use of false passports
by the hijackers, how was the government able to come up with the list of 19
names so quickly? Why is it that none of them appeared on the original
passenger lists of the airlines?

21. Why is it that no one has held hearings on the FAA/DoT's role in the
9/11 debacle?

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