Despite rumors to the contrary (http://ronsilliman.blogspot.com/), I am NOT a cock puppet. I'm actually a pretty nice puppet and consider myself in no way particularly phallic. I too wear cocks, and we all know important poets wear cocks, but are not cocks theselves. I am no exception.

Oh, whoops! I meant sock, not cock.

Of course I am a (sock)sucker for such lavish attention. I have rubbed myself in glowing oils and naptha to celebrate.

Who Is Me?

I am not a sock
puppet. I am a large
wallet. I am not a ham
sandwich. I am a hock
bone. I am not a day
trader. I am a dead
legend. I am not a sexual
object. I am a device
of love. But I am not a sock
or a sock puppet though I do
wear socks and I am a
puppet. Pull my string, my
[$friend]. For are you a
reader or are you a
writer or are you both and
neither at the same time?
My flogspot is yours
My flogspot is yours
My flogspot is yours

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