(please, note,
this program is for parents,
not for children)

We all think you just                                know
So don't be an ostrich

awareness reviews the signs
our red flags                                        can indicate
your child could be using
our drugs

share your experience
go over
three tablets of para
(thank you officer)

everyday items used in the home

                                 (used for drug use using
                                     users drug usage drugs)

drugs look like the child
and the parent usurps
the little baby jesus

snuggle bear

We all think you might                             know
our child uses
huffs of gas crouching
cracking nitrous booting shooting
When the stars come together
homeless and broken education
join us and won't you slurp some

                            (don’t stick your head in the


Rotten tooth, gum crowbar

We all think you know

We are followed by a question
Answer the parent officer

Sign that the child is using
burps out a window
damn those stages of drug use
Cans tumble down the street


and relapse drugs

tell them can means do
a can-do doer doing
can-do in the can
sell 'em in a can
sand in the head

drugs are not using do
    you use what I do
         mon dieu!
             mind you

a sprinkle of forms and sources
because their effects are illegal


three tablets of drug para
(thank you officer)

this cross                                        

                                            hold it up please

                                             thank you lord
                                                   got 'em!
                                      (trigger finger pull me)

we give you thanks for wonder bread

snuggle bear master nation

a moment of silence every day before school
Head slams the concrete beside the pool

And I am free, I am free tell me I am free

and using

household items can be used
and used again
and your child ask
how your drugs are hidden

(household item in the ostrich)

what to a fix to sticks the blame where I sticks?
What to affix to stick the blame where eyes tick?
We're selling bloodied crosses

Ever seen an ostrich that can fly

snuggle bear