proto-flarf strikes again? from 8/1/2000:

50 ways to leave your poems

In communist silence
poets important citizens
by default utterers

of sybilline phrases
in absence of
dialogue poets among

heroes of new
societies first to
be discarded offering

university degrees to
would-be poets urges
poetry and earning

living graduating poets
misery akin to
ungraduated bohemians of

yore poet-musicians gave
poets audience University
poets street poets

divided between conservatism
and insouciance two
hundred poets between

their pages Poets
believe in liberating
art greatest poet

of my generation
Unfortunately poets wrote
violence and terror

nationalistic poems made
poets poets co-operated
could not fulfill

obligations At poetry
evenings poets outnumber
audience Difficulty of

Not Being a
Poet poet's declaration
to build space

free from pain
why poets licensed
to disclaim Responsibilities

for deceit we
suffer shame failed
pledges we never

thought of it
at all beginning
to sound like

poets Poets are
liked for work
but despised for

views booby prize
shut up and
write yer poems.

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