What a great found poem! Found right here in my very own personal blog. Remember--my blog is yours!

Set yourself apart
from others and be
noticed Promote your
self and your poems
Choose the best path for
success Write for and
submit to greeting
card companies Be
noticed by handsome
publishers Promote
your book without a
dime Have a steady
column on the web
in a magazine
or on the TV
Free advertising
and business advice
Launch and promote your
very own poetry
website Make your own
e-book Earn income
as a performer
of poetry Sell
yourself Release your
own CD Conduct
poetry workshops
Make your own products
Sell your poetry
to businesses and
promote each other's
poetry Profit
from poetry Sell
your poetry Sell
yourself Sell the wife
Sell the neighbors Sell
the kids Together
we can be
                 For Sale.

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