I'm not so sure about blowing.
I know that I want to blow.
But I always thought I wanted to
bite a garbage man, a priest, a torpedo
engineer, and a terrorist.
Well I'm not so sure I will bite a garbage man.
I wanted to bite a garbage man because
Because even though
the gutter is a Wonderful place,
the gutter is a place a Forever place.
So I've decided that I want to
just bite instead of biting a garbage man.

I fake words.
I fake reading.
I fake biting.
I fake faking stories.
I fake faking poems. Mommy is a biter.
I fake being mommy, too. It costs extra.
I can still do important things
Even if I won't bite a garbage man.
I can bite peace and love. I just
Fake biting Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus.
I can bite and fake adventures
Fake Robert Louis Stevenson and
Fake Mary Pope Osborne and
Fake the one who did Star Wars.
I can bite and fake fantasy
And about funny rubber things and lots and
Lots of things that teach people
All kinds of stuff.
That's why I've decided that
I also bite when I blow.
Oh, and I will still bite a priest,
And a torpedo engineer,
And a terrorist, too.

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