Hello my name is Clement Greenberg

OK sure. Hello my name is
Clement Greenberg and this is me
translated through the newest and latest
language technologies. Here I go.
As modern production satisfied the
hard-won new technologies I was your greatest
punishment. I would like to use self-destruction
not to further consolidate and strengthen such
destructive functions but rather to say
I will not be shaken.
Works create some rooms.
I used to be my favorite.
It’s the "art."
Most of my attempts to explain various works
you do not consider as law but
it is law nonetheless.
Consider my sculptor-meter steeplechase.
I am the sum of my good habits and
some windows.
First, we extracted some words.
Then it’s you we added. Then you fight.
You have not read it but it was there in it.
Then the sculpture attends to the troops.
When you are young, you think of art.
You are more interested in the issue then.
We are old and different in that we like
nothing. You are ultimately wrong.
Visual Arts will not be affected by you, not
music, not literature, children. I once went to museums,
I think.
Clement signing off

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