Bow down, gentle eaters. I am your new Lester! Today is my today is. Today I am the age of Jesus. In the age of Jesus I command you. Eat me. I am your host. Tonight our special guests are. Mr. Christopher Walken, an old song-and-dance man, like lyself. Like me. Like Me! I'll be your host tonight. One night you will eat me. Remember. Oh, sway on. WE SWAY. Gentle eaters. Eat out your. Read out this, your annibal hearts. We are tough and strong-LIKE FIREFIGHTERS. People who know, know (in jest-guess.) Animal know-how. Hearts in marts. Animals, we walk on burning bananas. Please post your comment hear. RE- MARK. Me scar. Alive, alive O. (We wish!)Remark on me, eaters. At attention. This text DEMANDS your attention. Deep. metered attention, and counting all the feet. NOW. More feet than buddha walking on eleven stilts in the green and yella circus. Didn't you know that Lester was a Buddhist? Of course, eaters. Per course. Per semester. Per molester. Per Lester. Purr, Lester. Purr. Please pay. What was that? A Re-Mark? Wouldn't you wish? Remarks are not literature which is a remark and so piss off. Well. (You wish!)

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